Selecting the proper paint for the metal roof

The design of a metal roof can be frustrating and costly if the right paint is not utilized. This can be compounded with the fact that caliber metallic roof paints are not typically easily available at local construction materials suppliers.


The next four tips are Essential when selecting paint to the design of a metallic roof:


Hint # 1: Know what you are Painting the majority of construction materials experience varying levels of thermal contraction and expansion. It follows that changes in surface or air temperature may lead to modifications to the physical measurements of a construction material. Metal panel is very prone to the phenomena. As an instance, if you reside near a house with a metal roof on a chilly winter, you are able to listen to the panel pinging because it expands with exposure to sunlight. This pinging noise is brought on by the panel extending along its width and length as the surface temperature rises (with exposure to sunlight). After the sun goes behind a cloud, then you may hear exactly the exact same pinging noise that is currently credited to the board shrinking because its surface temperature declines.

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Hint #2: Paint Properties: Understanding the metallic roof expands and contracts, so it is crucial to pick out paint with a suitable amount of elasticity. Why it is that traditional home paints crack & peel quickly after being put on a metal roof? Response: Since the panel extends, these paints are not flexible, be brittle and crack. As soon as they have shaped cracks in their face the peeling procedure is always near. Unless paint is especially made for use on a metal roof and can be indicated as such on the tag, do not take an opportunity. This applies to both primer and top-coats.

Hint #3: Selecting The Right Item: Pick a water-based acrylic, elastomeric metal roof paint. This will supply you with something that is A) made especially for use on metal panel and B) is simple to cleanup in case of a mishap. Important Note: I frequently hear / browse concerns to the impact which water-based paint is not quite as durable as solvent-based. In my experience and in the experience of other industry pros, this is not really true anymore. Water-based acrylics are less fragile than solvent-based paints, more environmentally friendly and easier to cleanup.

Hint #4: Paint Longevity: If Applied based on the manufacturer’s application instructions, excellent metal roof paint must last 8 – 12 decades. No manufacturer will offer a warranty regarding lifespan as the functioning of the item depends on the application procedure, however following fundamental business guidelines prior to, during and after the Amazing Roof Restorations procedure will normally guarantee lasting results.